Pending Email Warning

When logging into Dynamics, users may receive a dialogue box with the title “Pending Email Warning”. This is triggered when there are emails in the system that have been pending send for more than 24 hours. The problem is, the emails responsible are not always easy to find. There are two things we can do to resolve this issue.

Method 1 - Dealing With The Problematic Email

The preferred method of resolving this warning is to deal with the emails causing the issue. To find them, we will use Dynamics 365’s “Advanced Find” feature. In the top right of the Dynamics navigation bar, there is a funnel icon. By clicking on this, you will enter the Advanced Find menu.

In here, there is a dropdown with the label “Look For”. We need to change the value in that dropdown to be “Email Messages”. Directly beneath that dropdown is another dropdown that will show you all the fields that are available to search. Select “Status Reason” in this box. This will display two more fields next to it, a dropdown and a lookup. The dropdown contains the operator you would like the search function to us. We will leave this as “Equals”, which should be the default value. To the right is the value you are searching for. Click the three dots on the field and you will see all available values 
we can search for. Double click on “Pending Send” and hit OK.

Advanced Find Criteria

Then click on the “Results” button in the ribbon and it should display all emails with a status of “Pending Send”.

These will be the ones causing the issue. If these emails are not required, you can select them and press “Delete Email” in the ribbon. Otherwise, it will be necessary to resolve each email appropriately.

Method 2 - Disabling The Alert

If you simply do not want to see the alert when you open Dynamics but aren’t too bothered about the pending emails, this could be the solution for you. In the Dynamics navigation bar, go to “Settings” > “Administration” > “System Settings”.

System Settings

This will pop up a new window. If you select the “Email” tab, then scroll down, you will see the section with the title “Configure alerts”. If you uncheck the box next to “Warning” and click OK, this will stop the warning from coming up.

Configure Alerts

This is not recommended however, because it will stop all warnings from showing up. It is best to use Method 1 wherever possible and simply resolve the emails causing this issue.